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Drug Crime Attorney

A drug charge can instantly change your future. When slapped with a charge even as simple as possession, there's a lot at stake — and the sooner you contact a defense lawyer, the sooner you can be sure that your rights are protected.

At the Law Office of J. Louis Watkins, III, we represent people throughout the Houma area facing drug charges, DWI and other criminal offenses. No matter how serious the situation is, we have the skills to overcome the challenge of effectively protecting our clients' rights.

Misdemeanor And Felony Drug Crimes

The consequences for drug crimes vary drastically. Possession of a small amount of marijuana has significantly less consequences than being charged with drug trafficking of a large amount of cocaine. When other charges are involved in a drug case, such as money laundering, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Attorney Louis Watkins has effectively handled countless drug cases, including ones involving:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Cultivation
  • Drug distribution

We focus primarily on state drug charges, which include misdemeanor and felony offenses. When we handle drug cases we are extremely thorough in investigating the details of the situation, looking at police reports and scrutinizing the prosecution's arguments. We always start with trying to get a dismissal, and if we are unable to do that we work toward minimizing the consequences of the situation as much as possible.

Contact Houma Drug Crime Lawyer Louis Watkins

We offer free initial consultations and flexible scheduling for meetings with attorney Louis Watkins. Please contact us at 985-746-1613 or 800-350-9286 to book a consultation. Located in Terrebonne Parish, we handle cases throughout Louisiana.